What’s in a name?

This is a beautiful blog, very brave thing to do

Heather Matarazzo

This is not a typical blog piece, though nothing about me is typical, so it fits appropriately.

I have been hesitant to write anything about my life that is deeply personal, because that requires an incredible willingness on behalf of the writer to be vulnerable and honest. However, I am always up for a challenge.

I’m 9 or 10 years old. I’ve snuck into my parents’ bedroom and am quietly walking across their carpet, praying that I don’t make a sound. I open their closet and find the brown metal box. My heart is pounding, hands shaking. I crouch down, balancing on the balls of my feet, ready to jump up and escape at the potential first creak of the stairs. Silence. So far so good. I lift the top up slowly. It doesn’t betray me by squeaking. I’m grateful. My little fingers search through the vanilla colored tabs labeled…

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Social Media Coordinator

Dakota is a lifestyle brand developed for the independent thinking, likeminded, aspirational and discerning traveller. As a dynamic young company, we are a small company who think big. Our hotels have pulse, our brand has edge, and our team has no boundaries to the level of success they can attain.

Started in 2004, it is the enthusiasm and commitment of our team which has propelled our ongoing success. We attract individuals who are passionate about service, and are for people that like to do the simple things brilliantly. Our brand currently has two properties; Dakota Edinburgh and Dakota Eurocentral, with two properties confirmed to open in 2016.

We currently have a vacancy for the role of Social Media Coordinator which will be based in Dakota Eurocentral but operating digital platforms for all properties within the group. Directly reporting to the Marketing & Communications Manager, the role carries the following key responsibilities:

· Be responsible for creating witty, well written, quirky social media updates and responses to guests via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging websites.

Girls enjoying a night in Dakota, Glasgow

Girls enjoying a night in Dakota, Glasgow

· Develop and create witty, quirky and on topic Facebook and Twitter uploads for the individual property specific social media accounts of Dakota Edinburgh and Dakota Glasgow

· Maintain a comprehensive knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of all the relevant social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus Tumblr and SoundCloud

· Have continuous communication and coordination between properties

· Connect guests of Dakota and social media users with relevant, current stories through a platform which is indicative of Dakota i.e. reflects the lifestyle brand

· To be proactive and innovative in linking our social media performance with our traditional marketing platforms, and developing methods of tracking ROI from platforms to our website

· Develop and test new forms of content, from photography for social media platforms to text and copy for potential blog or Tumblr formats relevant to different aspects of the hotels

Person requirements:

To attain the position of Social Media Coordinator, we ask that you have achieved a BA/MA or above, preferably in the areas of: Communications, Marketing, Media Studies, Journalism, Literature, Art, Design or Photography.

You must have a keen interest in photography, be proficient on Photoshop / photo editing software, and be an avid personal user of social media platforms.